Staff competition 2008

Southern Praying Mantis Staff Competition.

Full Contact Staff Competition - 22nd June 2008.

This years full contact staff competition saw 12 fighters participate. Held at the main hall at 27 Romford Road. There were many great fights on the day. Some being hard and strong that caused the poles to break. Other fights were more focussed with correct timing.
The Champion last year was Nish Khednah, this time he had to really fight for his title. Tiredness was setting in after his 4th fight to reach the title. The final was between Warren Djemal and Nish Khednah and with over powering skill and technique beat Warren to a 3 to 2 victory. So this year cup was awarded to Nish.

The best fight of the evening was between Abdul Suleyman and Nish Khednah in the very early stages and the best techniques were performed by Rakesh Patel that took him to a 2 round event, such skill could have taken him to the final but was just beaten by another on the day.

The next event is scheduled for November

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The finalists - Nish & Warren




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