Full Contact Staff. Competition Results. 2006.

On Sunday the 20th August 2006 the 1st ever 'full contact' staff fighting competition took place at 27 Romford rd.  Practically all the schools  that Paul Whitrod has taught participated. It involved 12 contestants who battled it out to become the full contact staff champion. There were some memorable fights. One of the best shots of the whole evening was produced by Alex Underwood of Pete Orum’s Oxford school, And Orsen Charles of west London school. Both men came out and Alex produced a forward thrust with the pole to Orsen’s head and nearly knocked his helmet clean off. Giving him the 1st round score. But as the fight went on, Alex became tired and lost the following round which then went to a total non stop 2 minute round, trying to disarm Orsen weapon or try to kick him to the floor, But Orson went on to win the bout. During this fight 3 poles were broken, (see pictures of it happening).
Another classic good fight was with Warren Dejemal and Martin Binnie both of the Stratford school, the techniques they were using were good classical moves. It was both their 2nd fight of the evening, but martin though at 17 stone proved to be the stronger and won on a full contact no hold barred final which Warren only just lost.
A well thought of fight was between Steve Tansley of South London school and Dave of Oxford school. Steve planned his fight taking his time, using good strikes with good timing and won his 1st overall fight of 4 rounds, but on his 2nd fight stamina got the better of him against Elvis Gentles Beckton school student Paul Vas. And lost on points.
Nish Khednah fought good and won his first and 2nd overall fight with well placed pole skills that took him into the final.
The final fight was between Martin Binnie and Nish Khednah., Nish and Martin both of Paul Whitrod’s school produced good scoring skills, but Martin having fought hard but could not keep up and Nish was the victor of the day.
There was a total 13 fights for the whole day with many spectators watching. Each fight had 4 rounds 2 minute each round, the last being a full contact non stop fight to either disarm, knock down, or Give up.

Winner 2006 Nish Khednah
2nd Martin Binnie
3rd Paul Vas

Best fight of the day was between Orson Charles and Alex Underwood.

The Next competition will take place in February 2007.

If there are more competitors a venue will be looked into for this coming event.

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