KIDS KUNG FU - Under 16's

We now have 2 classes for under 16's running at our Full time school...

Saturday mornings 11am.

Monday evenings 5pm.

Both classes are 50 mins duration (during a 1 hour time slot) this gives time for the students to arrive, get prepared and let off steam!
The training is geared towards the 'younger warrior', we try to instill the skills required that will improve hand/eye/foot co-ordination, using tried & tested solo drills as well as 2 person drills that build confidence as well as the ability to interact with others.
The students are constantly assesed and a grading system is in place.
The instructors have a long history of various martial arts and are very much aware of the needs and expectations of both the club and its students.
The club environment is very friendly, fun orientated and relaxed so the young warriors feel at ease and willing to learn new skills.
The ages of the classes are from 5 - 16.
The classes are open to both boys and girls.

Current fee: £6 drop in.
Discount for pre-paid multi sessions.

Saturday class- John - 07949 738473
Monday class - Gary - 07754 752858

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